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Porter and Guide

A wonderful Langtang/Gosaikunda Trek How to do with porter and Guide? Porterguide?

We are an Agency in Nepal to arrange you Porter and Guide, Porterguide for your incredible Langtang Valley Trek and Gosakunda Trek.Our Agency is  Located in Kathmandu,Nepal and ready to arrange Porter, Guide for all the Trekking season since 2017 as Registered Agency in Nepal.

Why to hire Porter and Guide/Porterguide with us for Langtang/Gosaikunda Trek ?

We did this Trek many times by arranging Porter and Guide/Porterguide. Therefore, we would like to let you know very kindly we have an energetic, experienced Porter and Guide for your Langtang Valley with Gosaikunda Trek in Nepal.

How much to pay porter and Guide/Porterguide cost for Langtang/Gosaikunda Trek ?

We are very Pleased to let you know our cost:-

Porter: 20$

Porterguide: 25$

Guide: 30$

Porter and Guide/Porterguide Insurance cost for Langtang/Gosaikunda Trek how much?

We emphasis to Porter and Guide safety with Clients. Accordingly, It cost 30$ per a Porter and Guide.It will be valid  during your Langtang/Gosaikunda Trek.

Why an Insurance for Porter and Guide/Porterguide in Langtang/Gosaikunda?

In Case of accident on the way during your Trek, Insurance cover the Risk for the Porter and Guide otherwise, you have to be responsible.

How much  Langtang/Gosaikunda Trekking Permit and TIMS Cost?

-Langtang National Park Permit cost: 30$ Per person (valid during the Trek)

-TIMS Cost: 10$ Per person European country

-TIMS cost: 6$ per person SAARC Country

-TIMS cost: 20$ Individuel

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